Cost of living in Concepcion Chile

Concepcion is the second largest city of Chile after the capital Santiago. Concepcion also has the second biggest population after Santiago, and also has one of the highest percentages of unemployment.

The Great Concepcion is formed by 3 other communes and cities: Talcahuano, Hualpen and San Pedro surround Concepcion by all sides. These are all part of the Province of Concepcion

The city is in constant progress, not the fastest you would expect like in Santiago-

Cost of life in Concepcion Chile

How much does a topical day cost in Concepcion? I wouldn’t say too much, but it all depends on your income and your lifestyle. Here are some prices of a local mid range supermarket so you can make yourself an idea.

  • 2 Liter coke = 1.42 USD
  • 100 Gram Nestle coffee = 3.13 USD
  • 3x Shaving Gillette = 8-17 USD

Public Transportation in Concepcion Chile

The nasty truth is that is way behind mayor important cities like New York, United Kingdom or Denmark. Luckily i took a good bus, but you can often find other in worst condition. Someday hopefully soon the public transportation will get an upgrade, but for now, the majority of people take old minibuses that don’t meet the service one would expect for a dollar.

The people is the best part, Wonderful folks that are always there yo answer your questions and tell you a little history of the place. Concepcion is a City with so much History, home of the Independence since Bernardo o Higgins signed the Independence right there

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